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Ep.26 Joe O'Brien: The psychology of behaviour change in nutrition

Joe is currently completing a doctorate in Health Psychology at Liverpool John Moores University and runs the Instagram page @headfirst0. His special interests are in the psychology of behaviour change and the relationship between physical and mental health. He is currently based in Dublin where he works with Spectrum Mental Health.

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The Head First Podcast

In this episode we cover: - Joe's interest in Nutrition and Exercise and how that influenced his path in psychology - The relationship between proper nutrition, exercise and sleep in maintaining good mental health - How can lifestyle change be incorporated into strategies to improve mental health and wellbeing? - The importance of multidisciplinary teams in tackling the various aspects of "whole-body" mental health. - The importance of behaviour change in public health initiatives - Psychological factors involved in successful weight loss maintenance - The need to address underlying psychological needs in some individuals before they successfully attempt lifestyle change - Stigma around psychological/mental health help and possible push-back when it's recommended - The difference between education and training in behaviour change - The importance of language around food and the problem with black and white (dichotomous) thinking - The role of government policy change in altering our environments to bring about improvements in diet and exercise habits - Joe's doctoral research and his idea's to develop screening tools to better match clients with the most appropriate intervention - Some of the more commonly used behaviour techniques in nutrition and exercise and how they may not be used optimally - The potential of having psychology professional's shadowing fitness/nutrition professionals to help them improve their behaviour change approaches.

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