The Health Scientist Podcast
Ep.52 Kimberley Wilson: The role of nutrition in mental health
Ep.51 David Robert Grimes: COVID-19, vaccines & conspiracy theories
Ep.50 Grant Tinsley: Intermittent fasting, fat loss and performance
Ep.49 Christopher Barakat: Body recomposition, building muscle and losing fat
Ep.48 Ciaran Fairman: The benefits of exercise for cancer treatment
Ep.47 Hugh Gilmore: Risk and rewards of psychology in coaching
Ep.46 Shannon Beer: Comprehensive coaching in nutrition
Ep.45 Kirk English: Health in space and how astronauts exercise
Ep.44 Alberto Nuñez: Lessons learned as a natural bodybuilder and coach
Ep.43 Austin Baraki: Sarcopenia, muscle loss and how to age well
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