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Ep.46 Shannon Beer: Comprehensive coaching in nutrition

Shannon is a nomadic nutrition coach who uses comprehensive coaching strategies to promote adaptive self-regulation behaviors within her clients. She seeks to understand why we do the things we do, particularly when it comes to our eating behaviors, and views motivated choice through a lens of complex interactions between internal and external environments involving the body, the brain and the world around us.

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Bridging the Gap article series

In this episode we cover:

  • Shannon's back story and how she got into fitness and nutrition
  • How Shannon's interaction with clients led to her interest in behaviour change
  • A brief primer on diet culture as it has come to be understood
  • What does it mean when someone hits training or diet "rock bottom"
  • What were the issues with traditional coaching approaches and why telling someone what to do doesn't help?
  • The problem with blaming and shaming in coaching
  • Finding out what a client really needs and how that might differ from what they want
  • The risks involved in dietary restriction and why it's not as simple as flexible and rigid restraint
  • Are some people at higher risk of disordered eating if they diet and do diets always result in disordered eating?
  • How did Comprehensive Coaching come into being?
  • Motivational interviewing, cognitive behavioural therapy and the skillset involved in comprehensive coaching?
  • The lack of behavioural techniques in nutrition education
  • The importance of the coach and client taking a collaborative approach to their relationship
  • Is there an issue with coaches celebrating their physiques AND using anti-diet approaches?
  • How to foster different reasons for change that can lead clients to many different aspects of health
  • The importance of continued education for coaches
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