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Ep.49 Christopher Barakat: Body recomposition, building muscle and losing fat

Christopher Barakat is a competitive natural bodybuilder, coach, and researcher investigating training & nutrition intervention to optimize body composition outcomes. He started competing in 2011 as a teenager and this passion led him to pursue academic studies that would enhance his knowledge to be a better coach and athlete. He earned his bachelor's in Athletic Training and his master's in Exercise & Nutritional Sciences. He's been teaching at the University of Tampa since 2017 and continues to research in the human performance lab under Dr. Eduardo De Souza and colleagues.

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Body Recomposition: Can Trained Individuals Build Muscle and Lose Fat at the Same Time?

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In this episode we cover:

  • Chris's background in bodybuilding and exercise science
  • Chris's current research projects on repetition tempo and intra-set stretching
  • What is body recomposition and how does it occur?
  • Is it something that only occurs in untrained people or why does it happen more readily in that group?
  • Why does muscle gain and fat loss get harder the closer someone gets to their genetic potential?
  • What are the different ways of measuring muscle mass and body fat and what's the difference between them?
  • The importance of standardizing someone's hydration, food and exercise before measuring body composition
  • What definitions are used for "resistance trained" individuals in studies?
  • The importance of looking at participant's starting strength to guage their level of training or training status
  • What role does detraining and retraining play in the results of body composition studies?
  • Why people shouldn't be too worried about losing muscle or strength during lockdown
  • Chris's thoughts on the difference in the training of the average gym-user and the type of training he employs in his research
  • The importance of tracking your training in a log book
  • The interesting science around protein intake and its effects on fat mass
  • Protein intake recommendations for body recomposition
  • Why is body recomposition not observed in case studies of physique competitors?
  • Do physique competitor's lose muscle during contest prep?
  • What role does sleep play on body composition?
  • Chris's key recommendations for evidence-based body recomposition
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