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Ep.52 Kimberley Wilson: The role of nutrition in mental health

Kimberley is a chartered psychologist and a governor of the Tavistock & Portman NHS mental health trust as well as the former chair of the British Psychological Society's training committee in counselling psychology. She is also an award-winning food producer with a degree in nutrition, and her work looks at the role food and lifestyle plays in our mental health, including disordered eating, the gut-brain axis and our emotional relationship with food. Kimberley was even a finalist on the Great British Bake Off and on top of all that Kimberley is also author of "How to build a healthy brain", which was published in March, 2020.

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Kimberley's book: How to build a healthy brain

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In this episode we cover:

  • How Kimberley decided to combine her career in psychology with her interest in nutrition
  • A discussion about research into how improved nutrition can reduce violence in prison populations
  • The apparent disconnect between mental health and the physical body and where it comes from
  • The ways stress and other mental health issues can present themselves as physical health issues
  • The taboo around mental health that exists within different factions of society
  • The role that better nutrition can play in keeping children in school and away from crime.
  • Why is hunger a major issue for school aged children, even in the UK?
  • How can dealing with childhood hunger reduce the likelihood of bad behaviour in schools
  • How are charities like "Magic Breakfast" doing to improve the situation?
  • What are some of the key nutrients involved in mental health?
  • The important role of DHA in brain development and function
  • How a mother's diet can influence a child's brain health
  • What role can leafy green vegetables play in brain aging?
  • A discussion about the SMILES trial, a nutrition intervention in depression
  • The importance of understanding that each person's mental health issues is different and what works for one person may not work for others.
  • The importance of an inclusive diet for building brain health
  • The importance of plant foods as sources of fibre and polyphenols for brain health
  • The incredibly important role of sleep in mental health.
  • Kimberley's book "How to build a healthy brain"
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