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Ep.44 Alberto Nuñez: Lessons learned as a natural bodybuilder and coach

Alberto is a pro natural bodybuilder and bodybuilding coach and has earned his pro status in virtually every major natural organization. He has played vital role in promoting the natural bodybuilding movement. He is also one of the founders of Team 3D Muscle Journey and with them his contributions as a coach, athlete, and author have helped propel the growth the sport of natural bodybuilding has seen over the last decade.

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In this episode we cover:

  • Alberto's experience as a natural bodybuilder and bodybuilding coach
  • "Love at first rep". What got Alberto started in bodybuilding and what maintains his passion for it today?
  • How Alberto was drawn into the complexity of bodybuilding training and nutrition
  • The common-place use of steroids in bodybuilding (both in the past and now) and why Alberto ultimately decided to remain a natural athlete
  • The power bodybuilders have on social media and why many could be more responsible with what they post
  • The importance of exploring all the training and nutrition practices available to you before thinking about trying steroids
  • What are some of the key moments in Alberto's career that have helped form him as a bodybuilder
  • The importance of being open to input from the evidence-based information and the experience-based information of great coaches
  • What makes a good coach and why are soft-skills so important?
  • How is Alberto able to continuously give so much of himself as a coach AND train as an athlete, without burnin out?
  • What does Alberto do to disconnect and relax?
  • Alberto's plans on becoming Colorado's next big Salsa dance master
  • How to work with hyper-compliant bodybuilding clients who can have trouble thinking for themselves
  • What are some of the most important training and nutrition principals that Alberto regularly uses?
  • Alberto's training goals and plans for the future
  • The importance of "owning your body" for maintaining your health into the future
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