The Health Scientist Podcast
Ep.42 Jackson Peos: Intermittent dieting for fat loss and performance
Ep.41 Amaeze Madukah: Diversity in nutrition and the importance of food culture
Ep.40 Gabrielle Fundaro: Diet culture, Health At Every Size and the anti-diet movement
Ep.39 Jenny Rosborough: Food environment, food insecurity and food choices
Ep.38 Richie Kirwan: Muscle loss, body-fat types and metabolic health
Ep.37 Artin Entezarjou: Self-determination theory & personality types in coaching
Ep.36 Jake Linardon: Eating disorders, binge eating & dietary restraint
Ep.35 Louise Newson: Menopause, Health and HRT
Ep.34 Maeve Hanan: Getting the right message across in nutrition
Ep.33 Bill Campbell: Science-based strategies for successful fat-loss
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