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Ep.42 Jackson Peos: Intermittent dieting for fat loss and performance

Jackson is a competitive boxer, bodybuilder, rower and sports nutritionist, currently completing his PhD in Clinical & Sports Nutrition at the University of Western Australia. He has completed a BSc in Sports Science, and Exercise & Health, and an Honours degree (First Class) in Exercise Physiology. Jackson’s research focuses on novel strategies for maximising performance and muscle retention while reducing body fat. He has also directed the largest athlete weight-loss trial in Australia, and the first randomised controlled trial investigating diet breaks in weight-trained athletes.

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In this episode we cover: Jackson's sporting and bodybuilding background and his interest in the science around making diets more successful The difference between weight loss and fat loss and it's importance for athletes What are some of the negative effects of long term or chronic weight loss diets? Why does weight often rebound so quickly at the end of a diet? The differences on the effects of a diet between lean people and people with high amounts of body fat What is intermittent dieting and why might it be useful? What's the difference between a diet break and a diet refeed and how might they help make a diet easier or more effective? What should a refeed look like in terms of macronutrients and why is it very different from a cheat day? What changes happen to resting metabolic rate and different hormones after an refeed? What did Jackson's study, the ICECAP trial, look like and what observations has Jackson made so far?

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