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Ep.37 Artin Entezarjou: Self-determination theory & personality types in coaching

Artin is a licensed medical doctor and family medicine resident in Sweden as well as being a PhD candidate in the field of primary care at Lund University. On top of that he is co-founder of the brand EBT: Evidence Based Training, which is dedicated to making wellness science simple and understandable.

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In this episode we cover:

  • Artin's work as a medical doctor, his PhD research in Primary Care

  • His company, Evidence Based Training and it's goal to promote evidence based training and nutrition information

  • The importance of knowing WHY people do what they do and how it applies to medicine, nutrition and fitness

  • Self determination theory and how it relates to people's motivation

  • The 3 factors necessary to motivate people to make specific behaviours happen

  • What are intrinsic and extrinsic motivation and how to they apply to our behaviours

  • How to leverage intrinsic and extrinsic motivation to help form new habits

  • What are some options to help maintain motivation when progress plateaus

  • Why is "autonomy" so important in changing behaviours and how can coaches apply it with their clients

  • The main different personality types/components

  • Do people's personalities affect the ways that a coach should work to help motivate them

  • The importance of relatedness or letting a client know that you care about their progress

  • Why knowing you're own personality type can help you better interact with and help others

  • Are there any differences in giving advice as a doctor and giving advice as a coach

  • The importance of being a good listener and allowing a client to speak their piece

  • Some resources for people to learn more about self determination theory and personality traits

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