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Ep.33 Bill Campbell: Science-based strategies for successful fat-loss

Dr. Campbell is a Professor of Exercise Science at the University of South Florida. He received his Ph.D. in Exercise, Nutrition, and Preventive Health at Baylor University. As a researcher and author, Dr. Campbell has published nearly 200 scientific papers and abstracts (in academic journals) related to physique enhancement and sports nutrition. In addition, he is a litigation consultant/expert witness related to dietary supplementation.

Dr. Campbell is also the Director of the Performance & Physique Enhancement Laboratory at USF where his research is focused on helping people optimize their physiques within a maintainable lifestyle. Dr. Campbell is a fellow of the International Society of Sports Nutrition where he also recently served as the organization’s President and a Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist through the National Strength & Conditioning Association.

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In this episode we cover:

  • Bill's love for bodybuilding and how it lead to him pursuing a career in the the science of physique change.
  • Bill's laboratory, the Physique Lab and their focus on exercise performance and physique science, resistance exercise and diet.
  • Bill's philosophy around the importance of making fat loss protocols sustainable.
  • The work of the International Society of Sports Nutrition and the importance of the ISSN position stands for people wanting to learn more about sports nutrition.
  • The important difference between weight loss and fat loss
  • Why approaches to weight loss may be different for someone with obesity and those trying to lose weight for a physique competition.
  • The very novel competition Dr Campbell ran for his Masters students, to get them to design a rapid fat loss protocol.
  • The issues associated with "rapid" fat" fat-loss techniques and how diet-breaks can help alleviate some of those problems
  • Can diet-breaks help maintain muscle mass and metabolic rate as well as improving overall fat-loss?
  • What specific diet-break strategies has Bill looked at in his research?
  • Why using diet breaks might make weight loss more realistic in a real life scenario.
  • Why do women make much better research subjects than men?
  • Can dieting aggressively at the start of the diet be better than a longer but less strict diet?
  • The difference between intent-to-treat and per-protocol analysis in research and why it matters to diet research
  • The All-Star panel of judges Bill had judging his students fat-loss protocols
  • What areas of physique science does Bill want to delve into in the future: what's so special about high protein diets?
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