The Health Scientist Podcast
Ep.32 Jenna Macciochi: Immune response, COVID-19 and what's within our power
Ep.31 Jonny Landels: How to build habits for long-lasting change
Ep.30 Harry Smith: Weight loss & muscle gain while training at home
Ep.29 Brian Ó hÁonghusa: Nutrition Q&A, food environment, snacking and slow cooker love
Ep.28 Luis Villaseñor: Ketogenic diets, myths & misconceptions
Ep.27 Barbara Morrison: Exercise and cardiovascular disease in older athletes
Ep.26 Joe O'Brien: The psychology of behaviour change in nutrition
Ep.25 Lee Bell: Understanding overtraining in strength training
Ep.24 Daniel Davey: Cooking: How to make better nutrition happen at home
Ep.23 Marika Day: Irritable Bowel Syndrome, food, stress and lifestyle
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