The Health Scientist Podcast
Ep.22 Jose Antonio: Protein research, health benefits and safety
Ep.21 Emilia Thompson: Diet culture, mindfulness and body confidence
Ep.20 Danny Lennon: Chrononutrition, circadian rhythms and metabolic health
Ep.19 Anna Escalada: Building well-balanced plant-based and vegan diets
Ep.18 Food Science Babe: GMOs, organic foods and what they mean for health
Ep.17 David Nolan: Weight cutting strategies for strength & combat sports
Ep.16 Brad Dieter: Communicating nutrition research to those who need it
Ep.15 Alan Flanagan: The current state of nutrition "science"
Ep.14 Rabin Das: A breakdown of some recent nutrition research
Ep.13 Rebecca Nolan: The importance of critical thinking in evidence-based nutrition
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