The Health Scientist Podcast
Ep.12 Astrid Naranjo: The pressure to diet and unique insights for working with women
Ep.11 Nicola Guess: Nutritional strategies in type 2 diabetes remission
Ep.10 Richard Tahtinen: Mental health issues in athletes
Ep.09 Philly Kinsella: What makes a great nutrition coach
Ep.08 Eric Trexler: Metabolic adaptation during weight loss
Ep.07 Eric Helms: A sustainable paradigm in physique sports
Ep.06 Greg Nuckols: Sex differences in strength training
Ep.05 Mike Israetel: Nutrition for muscle growth and challenges with nutrition science
Ep.04 Simon Mitchell: Resistance training for muscle gain
Ep.03 Sophie Medlin: Food tribes, polarisation & bias in nutrition
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