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Ep.13 Rebecca Nolan: The importance of critical thinking in evidence-based nutrition

Rebecca Nolan, otherwise known as the has a degree in psychology and is a certified nutritionist with a real passion for nutrition education. In her own words, she uses her Instagram account to communicate nutrition information to anyone who will listen.

Rebecca's Instagram

In this episode we cover:

  • How Rebecca got into fitness and nutrition
  • The advantage of not having any financial incentives in when talking about nutrition
  • Why drinking monster is an "essential" part of the fitness image
  • Pros & Cons of doing "Full Day of Eating" posts
  • The rise of the "Call-Out" culture in nutrition
  • What to consider if offered a sponsorship deal
  • The current state of the Evidence-Based Nutrition movement
  • The importance of critical thinking and considering the whole body of evidence
  • Why we need to think instead of just regurgitating information
  • The importance of being willing to change your views in light of new evidence
  • The desire for community and tribalism in evidence-based nutrition
  • How to stay up to date with nutrition information
  • Why there are so many Irish people in the EBN movement :D

Some great sources of nutrition information:

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