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Ep.30 Harry Smith: Weight loss & muscle gain while training at home

Harry is a natural bodybuilding coach with Team Revive Stronger. He lives his life by a mantra: “Honesty, always. Better, together. Science matters, and so do you. No detail is too small.“

From fat kid, to skateboarder, to avid gamer / Netflix connoisseur before settling on Natural Bodybuilding. Harry has always had a deep appreciation for the Golden Era physiques of old. Wanting to replicate these physiques is what led Harry on a journey of discovery through just about every internet forum, qualification, course and publication out there related to muscle growth, Finally leading him to the coach he is today.

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In this episode we cover:

  • Different ways of dealing with COVID-19 lockdown, from video games to training
  • Harry's experience as a coach and his role with Revive Stronger as a bodybuilding coach.
  • The reaction of Harry's own clients to the difficulties imposed by lockdown
  • The importance of reassessing goals and changing markers or progress to reflect that
  • What markers of progress should people focus on for weight loss or muscle gain?
  • What rate of weight gain is suitable for building muscle?
  • The difficulty wanting to eat more when stuck in the house all day
  • The importance of allowing yourself time to deal with the situation first, before making any new plans
  • Why managing your food environment and palatability can be a useful approach to dealing with cravings for food.
  • Why trying to make your gym work out work at home may not be the best option for most people
  • The possibility to try new training styles such as "twice-a-day" training
  • Focusing on the opportunity to progress with new movements
  • How to add resistance to home workouts to get the progressive overload needed for muscle growth
  • Alternate-pair supersets, Pre-exhaust supersets, exercise variations, slow eccentrics, explosive concentrics, quarter and half reps, time-under-tension and how to apply them to your training program
  • What factors contribute to making a set "effective" for muscle growth
  • What are some of the best options for at-home equipment
  • The importance of making your diet and exercise goals easier to achieve through your environment and tools.
  • Are calorie-burn monitors or step counters useful for helping people to maintain activity levels?
  • What are some simple ways of raising exercise levels in the home
  • The importance of calories but why you don't necessarily need to track them.
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