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Ep.24 Daniel Davey: Cooking: How to make better nutrition happen at home

Daniel Davey is a performance nutritionist working with the Dublin Senior Gaelic Football team and Leinster Rugby as well as athletes in sports including golf, hockey, athletics and cycling. He is also author of the nutrition and recipe book "Eat up, raise your game" and founder of the online platform FoodFlicker.

Daniel received his BSc in Agricultural Science from University College Dublin, holds an MS in Nutrition, Physical Activity & Public Health from the University of Bristol and is completing a Diploma in Sports Nutrition from the international Olympic Committee. Daniel is also a certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (C.S.C.S) with the NSCA, and has completed the national qualification in Exercise and Health Studies.

Daniel has played Gaelic Football at intercounty level for Sligo and won an All-Ireland club football medal in 2016 with Ballyboden St' Edna's in Dublin. His own playing and training experience allows him to understand the praactical implications of applying the science of sports nutrition to achieve peak physical condition and performance in sport.

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In this epidsode we cover:

  • How Daniel got into nutrition and became the performance nutrition fro Dublin Senior Football and Leinster Rugby
  • Where Daniel's love of cooking came from
  • How Daniel is able to put a twist on different ingredients to keep recipes interesting
  • The disconnect between nutrition and putting it into practice through cooking
  • How to help people understand the value of eating well and to prioritise it
  • How to get buy-in from athletes
  • The contrast of a macronutrient focused approach and a food focused approach to nutrition
  • Helping people improve their cooking skills, starting at their level
  • How competitive ego can influence an athlete's attempts at cooking
  • Daniel's reaction to the feedback from his nutrition and recipe book "Eat up, raise your game"
  • The importance of good tools in the kitchen, just like the importance of training kit
  • The importance of process when it comes to planning cooking, shopping, meal prep etc.
  • The importance of simplifying ingredients when starting out
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