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Ep.31 Jonny Landels: How to build habits for long-lasting change

Founder and operator of Next Step Nutrition, Jonny's mission is to help everyone understand nutrition through keeping things simple. He works 1:1 with clients closely to help them change their behaviours to make lasting change and live a healthy, balanced life. He also runs a podcast which is centred around educating people on nutrition and fitness from some of the greatest minds of the fitness industry, which you can find by searching Next Step Espresso.

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In this episode we cover:

  • The difference between knowledge and information and the ability to actually apply that information long-term
  • Different types of behaviour change techniques
  • What is cognitive behavioural therapy and what are its uses?
  • The active role of the practitioner in helping the client change their thought patterns around their behaviours
  • What are some of the steps in the process of behaviour change
  • The importance of understanding as much as possible about a client in order to tailor advice to their specific situations.
  • Why there are no one-size-fits-all approaches to behaviour change
  • The importance of starting small with easily achievable, client-directed, goals
  • Helping eager clients temper their approach and desire to change to make it more sustainable
  • Is there a set amount of time required to change habits
  • The importance of managing people's expectations around their goals
  • Is there a need to change our mentality and identity when it comes to long term behaviour changes
  • The role our family, friends and social circles play in our desires to be healthy
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