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Ep.25 Lee Bell: Understanding overtraining in strength training

Lee is a strength and conditioning / sport and exercise science lecturer based at Sheffield Hallam University. He has a publication background in athlete performance, with a special interest in strength sport fatigue. Lee is also co-director at TRA Performance Education, an education platform for coaches and trainers to develop their skills and knowledge.

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In this episode we cover:

  • Lee's love for science, training and educating people and how it's lead to his career in educating coaches
  • The importance of making academic research in sports science applicable to coaches and practitioners
  • The difficulties of getting ethical approval for many experiments in strength and conditioning science, especially overtraining.
  • The compromises that are necessary in developing relevant experiments in sports science
  • The relevance of Lee's research into fatigue in sports training
  • The importance of fatigue to sports training and improving performance
  • What are functional overreaching, non-functional overreaching and overtraining?
  • The symptoms of overreaching and overtraining and how long they can last in athletes.
  • How does overreaching/overtraining affect strength and performance
  • The difficulty in diagnosing overtraining syndrome in athletes
  • The lack of research on overtraining in strength sports
  • The importance of coaches knowing their athletes well enough to be able to monitor fatigue and prevent overreaching from developing into overtraining.
  • The role of other life stresses in developing overreaching and what other factors can contribute.
  • Lee's hopes to develop ways to teach coaches how to identify when athletes are at risk of overtraining
  • The challenge of understanding science and staying on top of the ever expanding body of literature
  • Why you're not evidence based if you haven't watched videos of rats bench-pressing on youtube
  • How to design a training plan to induce overtraining in strength athletes
  • Lee's plans for his PhD research into overtraining
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