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Ep.34 Maeve Hanan: Getting the right message across in nutrition

Maeve is a Registered Dietitian with a background in clinical nutrition, having worked in the NHS as a General Dietitian, a Stroke Specialist Dietitian and a Paediatric Specialist Dietitian. She is also an experienced Health Writer writing for such sites at the Food Medic

Maeve is also the founder of Dietetically Speaking - a nutrition communication and consultancy company which promotes accessible, no-nonsense messages about nutrition.

Maeve's Instagram (Dietetically Speaking)

Maeve's Website (Dietetically Speaking

Maeve's Nutri Nonsense Detection Kit

Nutrimote Website

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Maeve's Book "Your No-Nonsense Guide to Eating Well"

In this episode we cover:

  • Maeve's background as a stroke and pediatric dietitian in the NHS and her transition to working online and as a health writer

  • Maeve's recent focus on eating disorders and intuitive eating

  • The importance of psychology in helping people with eating disorders or improving their relationship with food

  • Some of the strategies used to help people suffering from eating disorders

  • Maeve's thoughts on the huge amount of nutrition misinformation found on social media and the internet

  • Maeve's tips for ensuring you're following the right nutrition accounts (her nutribollocks detection kit)

  • The danger of black and white thinking in nutrition and why it's so common

  • Using social media to help spread good nutritional messages

  • An explanation of intuitive eating and the steps involved

  • The challenges dietitian's can experience when transitioning to working online/telehealth

  • The importance of sharing good quality content on social media to build your presence

  • Maeve's company Nutrimote: a hub for online nutrition professionals and all the resources available to help them build their business online

  • Some ideas about how to stay updated on nutrition science

  • Maeve's nutrition book and how her philosophy for healthy eating

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