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Ep.09 Philly Kinsella: What makes a great nutrition coach

What makes a great nutrition coach

Philly Kinsella is a personal trainer, online coach and owner of Strong Body Strong Mind. He is currently studying his Masters Degree in Food, Nutrition and Health at University College Dublin, having previously qualified as a nutritionist. His passion is helping people achieve their body composition goals while actively trying to educate them on the long term health benefits of physical exercise and adequate nutrition. On top of that, Philly is one of the best people anyone could ever have the privilege of knowing.

Strong Body Strong Mind Website

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In this episode we cover:

  • Philly's journey to working in fitness and becoming a nutritionist
  • Philly's Master's Degree studies and the importance of continuing education
  • The limits of formal science/nutrition courses and the value of working with people
  • How having a mentor can make a huge impact on your career
  • Some key habits necessary for improving health
  • Thoughts for those considering a career change
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